Getting the best deal on Limited Company Loans

If you're a fledging start-up company looking for a leg up onto the commercial ladder, then you've probably been looking into taking out limited company loans. Now that the economic downturn seems to be slowing down, more and more companies are starting to offer these loans again, so who do you go with?

It's always best to go with an established and trusted lender in these situations, and we recommend you check out what's on offer from HSBC Company loans, so check out their company lending page on business.hsbc.co.uk/1/2/business-banking/business-loans-and-finance/small-business-loan. Getting a business loan from HSBC is just as easy as getting a personal loan.

Their business loan package is available in amounts between £1,000 and £25,000, with repayment terms between 12 months and 10 years. You'll also enjoy fixed interest rates and repayments for the life of the loan, so there won't be any nasty surprises awaiting you down the line.

Once you have both agreed on the loan and signed the contracts, the money will be credited to your account on the same day. They will even allow you to defer the first repayment until 90 days into the life of the loan, enabling you to get your company off to a pressure free start without having to worry about paying back a loan.

The only snag is that you have to have opened a HSBC Business Current Account, but this can be done within minutes at any branch. Check out HSBC's business packages today and get your business off to a great start!

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