Discounts on offer with Direct Line car insurance - DARREN

If you're thinking about taking out car insurance with Direct Line, you might be interested to know that the insurer has various discount deals for drivers, whether they are new or existing customers.

The insurance company offers named driver no claims discounts - which means that you will benefit from a reduced premium in recognition of the number of years any drivers named on your policy have not made an insurance claim.

On the other hand, if you are the sole driver of your car and you insure more than one vehicle which is also only driven by you, Direct Line car insurance will give you a cut price policy for the new car.

And if you are a named driver for any extra vehicles in your household, you can get a 10 per cent discount for the first year, followed by five per cent the next time you renew your policy.

Another advantage for customers of Direct Line car insurance is the chance to receive as much as 25 per cent off their UK breakdown policy.

If you have any family members who have just passed their driving test and the Pass Plus test, they could benefit from a five per cent new driver discount if they take out a motor insurance policy within the first year of passing both tests.

Finally, anyone who has already bought their home insurance policy from Direct Line could qualify for up to 10 per cent discount if they buy a car insurance policy from the company.


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