List of cheap travel insurance providers

Travel insurance can cover anything from flight cancellation to baggage contents, but cheap travel insurance isn't guaranteed to provide a good level of cover. The quote you receive for your travel insurance depends on a vary of factors, such as holiday location, length of travel, amount of people travelling, age of travellers and even type of travel holiday (i.e., backpacking or vacation). Cheap travel insurance providers may only provide less expensive policies for very specific conditions, but there are some good "all rounders" which offer comprehensive cover at a lower cost.

You don't always have to book travel insurance through your holiday provider. Unless travel insurance is included in the price and cannot be removed you should always shop around for a better deal to find cheap travel insurance. To cut out some of the hassle for you we've complied a list of cheap travel insurance providers; all quotes are based on a single person travelling for one week within the European Union.

Cheaper Travel Insurance (cheapertravelinsurance.com)

Premiums start from £5.12 with an excess of £150 for medical fees cover up to £5,000,000. Cancellation cover and baggage cover is not included in the price; however, baggage cover can be added with no additional costs and an excess of £150 for counts worth up to £150.

Virgin Money (uk.virginmoney.com/virgin)

Virgin Money offers cheap travel insurance at a premium of £5.80, covering up to £10,000,000 of medical expenses with an excess of £150. Baggage an cancellation cover is not included but can be added as an extra (additional fees will vary).

Oinc.com (oinc.com)

When travelling in Europe Oinc.com offers a cheap travel insurance package at £7.07, with a lower excess of £120 compared to other providers for medical fees abroad.

Columbus Direct (columbusdirect.com)

Premiums for cheap travel insurance provided by Columbus Direct start from £7.28, including baggage and cancellation cover. However, the excess for medical cover is considerably higher (£400) and also higher for baggage or cancellation cover compared to other provides (£250) providing the same value insurance.

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