The feature of Lloyds bank car insurance

Interested in Lloyds bank car insurance? Here we take a look at the level of cover they offer, the cost and the policy options...

Lloyds claim that their car insurance offers the "ideal balance of cost and cover". They guarantee that you will always be offered the lowest possible quote based on your details and your requirements. That's an important consideration to make, considering that many car insurance companies drop their quotes significantly when they find out that you've been speaking to the competition. With Lloyds, what you see is what you get.

All car insurance policies from Lloyds come with access to a 24/7 helpline (where you can speak to qualified insurance experts based in the UK) and a three year guarantee on approved claims repairs. With their comprehensive policy, you'll enjoy the use of a courtesy car while yours is being serviced.

Lloyds also offer 60 days of European cover at no extra cost - so you can take your car to the continent on holidays without worrying about adjusting your car insurance policy.

Legal cover for motorists starts at just £25.99 per year. This includes up to £100,000 legal cover, compensation assistance for personal injury, recovery of your excess if you are not at fault for the accident, and access to a 24 hour emergency claims line.

Two other policy options available from Lloyds that are worth considering are Keycare - which will cover the costs of replacing keys and locks - and breakdown cover - offered in conjunction with RAC roadside assistance.


Lloyds bank car insurance

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