Lloyds TSB Online Share Dealing

If you're looking to make small or large investments to make your money go further, Lloyds TSB Online Share Dealing is an excellent way to make your money work for you. They have two main options for customers to use, depending on the type of investment you want to make and the account you currently hold with the bank, although you can also join if you're not a customer by joining Lloyds TSB.

How it works

With Lloyds Online Sharing Dealing scheme, you can buy and sell investments online or over the phone. This is ideal for anyone who has some knowledge of investments, or customers who want to invest a small amount of money and build a portfolio. The scheme allows you to build a portfolio and risk with ease, allowing you to maximase savings with low commission rates.

As well as providing two accounts and customer advisors, Lloyds Online Share Dealing scheme provides up to date market information, comprehension online tools and a range of services to help experienced and new traders. Although the scheme can offer excellent returns, Lloyds TSB does warn all customers that some investments can return less than originally invested due to market fluctations, especially in regards to high risk industries.

Share Dealing Account

The share dealing account is ideal if you want to trade on a daily basis without the hassle of paperwork. Shares are held securely and electronically, with transaction instantly updated to your account, 3 day trade settlement, investment tracking and the administration side of the process taken care of by Lloyds TSB, giving you more time to research potential investments.

Share Dealing ISA

The ISA account is ideal for anyone who wants to save on their tax and use the savings directly from their ISA account. By using shares held in ISA, you don't have to pay as much tax and also have immediate access to your savings and no capital gains tax to pay on your savings from your ISA. Although any customer can use this, this particular product is recommended for those familiar with trading.


Although there is potential to increase you savings with the Lloyds Online Share Dealing accounts, you also risk losing more than you invest. Lloyds TSB won't be responsible for any loss, but have stated they endevour to provide as much accurate, quality advice to help their customer's savings go further. But, when it comes down to the actual investment, the responsibility will be yours entirely.

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