Let's see what a Lloyds student loan can do for you

Being a student is amazing fun! The lifestyle is second to none, and you'll forge friendships and learn things that will last you a lifetime. It can also, unfortunately, be one of the most expensive times in your whole life, as bills pile up and tuition fees mount.

A lot of students seek solace in a part-time job to help make ends meet. However, there are times when all the hours in the world won't cover the amount of money you need to pay out, and that's where a Lloyds Student Loan comes in.

Lloyds are one of the most trusted names in UK banking, and they offer an unbelievable range of financial products to students all over the UK. Their range of products stops short of a student loan, but some of the perks of opening a current account with them will negate this, especially their generous overdraft.

Students opening a current account with Lloyds can expect to enjoy some brilliant perks. Their generous interest-free overdraft will help soften the blow of the lack of Student Loan. You qualify to have an overdraft of up to £1,500 for the first 3 years at University and £2,000 for any years studied after this period.

Account holders also have access to Lloyds financial experts 24/7 with their 24/7 personal account advice service, as well as internet banking and telephone banking services.

While they may not offer a student loan, Lloyds Student banking services are still well worth looking into to help make ends meet.

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