Banking is a Breeze with Lloyds TSB online banking

Lloyds TSB online banking has always held its own at the top of online banking providers but recent developments in the mobile banking sector has further strengthened Lloyds TSB as the number one online banking option. The days of standing in line at your local branch have long passed and now, so too has needing to be near your computer to carry out your daily transactions.

Superior Service

Close to 5 million customers are currently availing of Lloyds TSB online banking services. There is no easier and more convenient way to view your account statements, make payments to other accounts and pay bills than through online banking. You can also view your balance and register for text alerts depending on your banking preferences.

With a top class help & support centre, you can be sure that any issues you encounter with during a transaction will be quickly resolved. Related questions and solutions are displayed to help you carry out your banking as smoothly as possible. If none of the suggested questions work then you can enter your specific query to receive an instant response.

You can view an interactive demo of their online banking experience at www.lloydstsb.com that will take you through all the features on offer if you choose to sign up for online banking. On top of their fantastic online banking service, you can also avail of mobile banking through the Lloyds TSB app. This app is available to those of you on the iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. Simply login to the app using your existing account details and you can carry out transactions in a secure and speedy environment.

You can carry out all of your transactions on the the app just as you would online, without needing to set aside an hour to get to the bank. Some unique and additional features that the app offers include checking yor credit card limit, locating the nearest ATM or cashpoint to you, viewing your morgage and overdraft balances and even applying for an Internet Saver Account.

Winning Online Banking Combination

You can be sure that a Lloyds TSB online banking account coupled with their top class mobile banking app will change the way you bank forever. You can now enjoy 24/7 access to your money, provided you have a data connectiona and a charged device. Banking no longer needs to be a painful experience and the control that Lloyds TSB can now offer you is second to none.

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