Try Lloyds TSB pet insurance in your friend’s time of need

Let’s face it – what would we do without our pets? If your furry friend is very much counted as a valued member of the family, you will need to take out some pet insurance. Should – touch wood – anything happen to your family pet, it will be hugely reassuring to know that the inevitably high veterinary bills need not be a huge cause of concern once everything is back to normal.

When searching for pet insurance, you will need to feel the reassurance that your bank balance will still be in a healthy state after your pet has been returned to theirs! To get the best deal online, you will need to shop around.  Go Compare – www.gocompare.com (and I defy you not to start singing the ad tune Italian-style when you say that!) should be your first port of call on this front. The website allows you to compare pet insurance from 17 different pet insurance providers and the best thing is the service is completely free.

Lloyds TSB pet insurance is one of the most trusted brands on the market and offers a 10% discount when you buy online. See the website at http://www.lloydstsb.com/insurance/pet/pet_insurance.asp. With Lloyds you can choose two levels of cover, The Standard policy provides up to £3,000 per condition for up to 12 months following the first date of treatment and The Plus policy provides up to £3,000 towards necessary treatment each year. Up to £1,000 towards advertising to help find a missing pet is offered by the company, crucial in those early hours, and up to a generous £3,000 for expenses if you have to cancel your holiday because your pet goes missing.

To secure a quote for Lloyds TSB pet insurance simply fill out an online form on the website or alternatively you can call 0800 032 7145.

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