Why Choose Lloyds TSB Prepaid Credit Card?

Do you fall under one of the following categories?

  • Bad credit history
  • Missed repayments on your previous credit cards
  • Rejected applications for credit

If so, a great way to rebuild your Credit is to apply for a Lloyds TSB prepaid credit card. It works on the same basis as a pay-as-you-go mobile phone sim card, you can only spend the cash which you put on the card. Once the balance on your prepaid card hits zero, you cannot make any more purchases or cash withdrawals. The name “prepaid credit card” is a bit misleading, as there is actually no credit available on these types of card.

Why choose a Prepaid Credit Card?

Well, as already mentioned it’s a great way to rebuild credit. It’s also an excellent money management tool, and helps you stick to a predefined budget.

You may want to take one on holiday with you, it's safer than carrying around cash and again you can only spend the amount you top-up the card with. A great way not to go over your holiday budget!

You could also need to make payments online and currently do not own a VISA or Mastercard, this is also a common reason was why people sign up for the prepaid credit cards.

Best of all, you're guaranteed to be accepted when you apply!

How Does it Work?

You can top-up these prepaid credit cards at most ATM’s, over the internet or by making a quick phone call. It's quick, easy and hassle free.

The cards are widely accepted across the globe as the majority of the cards are issued under VISA, Mastercard, VISA Electron or Maestro.

Lloyds TSB Prepaid Credit Cards

  1. The initial cost of the card is £7.50
  2. The minimum you can top-up is £50.00 whilst the maximum is £3000
  3. You can charge your card by phone or internet

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