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If you're living in the United Kingdom the only student loans available are provided by Student Finance. Student Finance regulates all student loans and does not offer short term loans, or graduate loans (unless you meet certain criteria). Lloyds TSB student loans are not like normal student loans as you're expected to find all your higher education funding from Student Finance.

Lloyds TSB does, however, offer a graduate loan for students who have just finished their course and a range of personal loans. If you've just graduated and you're looking for a short term loan solution then you'll have more chances applying for a graduate loan; if you're still studying and looking for a short term loan, or intending to study, you may benefit from a range of personal loans. Be aware, however, that you will be subject to a credit scoring system which will take into account your current income, making obtaining a personal loan difficult if you are a student with limited income. However, Lloyds TSB does offer a student bank account and various financial solutions to students as well as graduate loans.

Student Bank Account - Student bank accounts are designed for students currently studying and offer a larger interest free overdraft limit than normal current accounts. Overdrafts start at £1,500 interest free and can be reviewed up to £2,000 in the third year of study. You must pay all your student loan from Student Finance into your student bank account to be eligible. You can view more details for student accounts here:


Credit Cards - Even if you are a student or becoming a student you may still be able to obtain a credit card. Lloyds TSB will offer credit cards to students who manage their finances responsibly, but these personal finance products are only intended as short term loans to tie you over until your next loan payment as there are usually interest free periods on student credit cards. More details for student credit cards can be found at: http://www.lloydstsb.com/credit_cards/student_card.asp

Graduate Loans - Lloyds TSB student loans only refer to their graduate loan product. This type of loan is intended for students who have just finished their studies to help them in the next step after graduating (i.e., finding a secure job, moving out and planning their future). Loans range from £1000 to £10,000 and are subjected to credit scoring systems/criteria. You can take up to five years to repay the loan and have a range of repayment holiday options. For more information regarding short term graduate loans and Lloyds TSB's student loans, visit:


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