The best loan compare sites

More and more people are turning to loans and quick fixes these days. But deciding on a company that is right for you and understanding all the jargon can make it difficult. There is a new breed of website that has been invented just for these reasons and that is the loan compare sites. This can list all the different companies out there and display the best one for you according to your needs.

Moneysupermarket.com is one of these websites and is a godsend for many. With clear and concise information and pro's and con's of each result, this website is easy to understand. For those who are looking for a loan as a quick fix, the only result displayed is from Bank of Ireland. A loan of £1000 over a 6 month term with an APR of 29.6% results in a monthly repayment of £179. The total cost charged amounts to £1078 and for those who wish to pay the loan back early a charge that equals one months interest must be added. Take a look at moneysupermarket.com today for more information.

Another one of the top loan compare sites is the aptly names comparethemarket.com. Searching for a £5000 loan over a 30 month period results in Alliance & Leicester coming out on top. A personal loan with them has a Headline rate of 8% and a monthly repayment of £183. The total repayment charge through this company is £5514. For a loan that suits you comparethesupermarket.com is one of the best loan compare sites to start with.

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