Need a loan and considering loan sharks in Dublin? Read this first

Have you got a bad credit rating? Are you living in Dublin? Are you looking for a loan, fast? One possible solution that has come to your mind is consulting a loan sharks in Dublin. But before you venture in this direction, read this article first.

What is a loan shark? There is a reason behind the sinister name . What these guys offer are unsecured loans to people who, due to a bad credit rating, cannot get money from a bank or financial institution. Money is given to individuals quite quickly and easily, with no cross-check of the borrower's ability to pay the loan back. This may seem like a tempting option, but often, when things are too good to be true, they usually are.

Firstly, loan sharks are almost always not licensed, which means they are operating outside the law. Secondly, money that is borrowed from loan sharks are often accompanied by high interest rates. Exorbitantly high interest rates. You can also be pressured into borrowing more money than you can afford and you can be harassed, verbally and physically, if you get behind with your repayments.

The best advice we can give you is to steer clear of loan sharks altogether. Instead, try approaching money lenders that are licensed and registered, with a good track record.

So, how can you find money lenders in Dublin? Well, a good place to start your search is by visiting the Irish Golden Pages site. Here, you can find the contact details of money lenders located in the Dublin. Give them a call and discuss your situation with them. But always remember to keep yourself fully informed and involved with the process when borrowing money. If you have any doubts, contact National Consumer Agency or visit the NCA website.

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