There's no need to get involved with loan sharks in Dublin

If you're struggling with bills and need a cash loan, there are many different places you can go; you don't need to ask for help from loan sharks in Dublin. Loan sharks are notorious for charging huge rates of interest and they can turn nasty very quickly if you begin experiencing problems paying back the loan.

An alternative option is the trusted money lender, Provident. They have been supplying the people of Ireland with loans for over 70 years and are a well respected name in the financial world.

Provident offer their customers small, unsecured loans of between €100 and €500. Because the loans are unsecured, your assets are not at risk if you default on the loan. This is why the interest charged on loans from Provident is slightly higher than you'd pay on money from the banks, although it's nowhere near as high as you'd pay to a loan shark.

Repayments of Provident loans are made by home collection. Someone from Provident will arrange a day and time to call to your house to collect the money every week. There are no hidden charges on loans from Provident and it's a great relief knowing where you stand with the loan.

Loans from Provident are really easy to obtain. It doesn't matter if you have a poor credit history, you can still successfully apply for a loan. And the entire process of applying for a loan can be completed online from the comfort of your own home. So there's really no need to get involved with dodgy loan sharks in Dublin.


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