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Loan to Loan is a UK company that takes the hassle out of finding a loan. Even if you have bad credit history, they will try and source a lender for your loan. Loan to Loan UK provides payday loans, tenant loans, car loans, secured loans, unsecured loans and commercial loans.

Loan to Loan is one of the UK’s largest providers of tenant’s loans like Poor Credit Tenant Loans and Same Day Tenant Loans. They are able to provide challenging rates on secured loans of £5,000 to £250,000. Applying for a tenant’s loan is simple, with easy paper work for you to complete. The APR can be as little as 7.9%, but it usually averages 13.4%.

Home owner loans are also available. You can apply to borrow up to 100% of the value of your home. However, this puts your home as security for taking out the loan. If you cannot keep up with the repayments on your loan for any reason, you risk losing your home.

Loan to Loan seeks out commercial mortgages for you from a diverse range of lenders such as banks and niche providers. You will be offered a set mortgage rate until the given lender has looked thoroughly at your individual situation. Self-certified commercial mortgages are also available, but these are usually more expensive due to the high level of risk involved.

Unsecured loans are available. You will also be given consideration if you have CCJs or defaults. The advantages of having this loan include flexible and easy repayment options. You be able to apply for a loan from the value of £50 up to a maximum of £25,000. Interest rates can be as little as 6.5% APR variable to a maximum of 32% APR variable, with the average being 24.2% APR variable.

Loan to Loan offers other services such as debt consolidation, IVA and applying for credit cards. With Loan to Loan, you will have all your financial needs under one roof.

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