Get loans for the unemployed in Ireland with Provident

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Not so long ago, every financial institution in the country was throwing money at us and competing for our business. These days, getting a loan isn't so easy. Finding loans for the unemployed in Ireland is nearly impossible. There is, however, one company that has provided the Irish and English market with small personal loans for over 100 years, no matter what your circumstances might be.

Provident Personal Credit is a home collection agency that offers instant cash loans to their customers. Nearly 500 agents work for Provident, any of which will give you a loan if you can provide them with a few basic details such as proof that you live at the address, photo identification and proof of income. Unemployed people simply show proof of unemployment benefits you are receiving.

For your first loan with Provident, you can get a loan of up to €500. The agent will call to your house and when you give proof of details, can tell you instantly if you qualify. Keep in mind that interest rates are high and the APR is 157.3%. You will be charged €30 for every €100 that you borrow. This means that a €500 loan will result in you paying back €650.

Providing you keep up with your repayments, your agent might agree to lending you up to €1,500 after your first loan is paid in full. To find out about your local agents, you can call Provident on 1800 481 002 or visit their website at providentpersonalcredit.ie.

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