Are you looking for loans from lenders not brokers

If you want to secure loans from lenders not brokers, then there is some amazing choice on offer right now from Supermarket Loan providers like Sainsbury's Bank and Tesco Bank. In fact, we'd go as far as to say they offer the best value loans in the UK.

Supermarket Loan providers have revolutionised the loan market, providing a real alternative to consumers who don't want to go down the loan comparison route to secure their personal loans. Generally, they'll offer lower interest, more favourable terms, and even discounts if you shop at their stores. So lets take a look at two of them, Sainsbury's Loans and Tesco Loans.

Sainsbury's Loans are available in any denomination between £1,000 and £25,000. You can take out a loan over a term of one to five years, and their interest rates are extremely reasonable, ranging in size from 6.8% to around 9% depending on the loan amount. You can apply for a loan online now at sainsburysbank.co.uk/borrowing.

Our next suggestion is to check out the loans on offer from Tesco Bank. Tesco financial products are becoming more and more popular, with their loans offering particularly good value. Like Sainsbury's, their loans are available from one to five years, and for varying amounts. Their loans have a representative APR of 7.4%, so they represent an absolute bargain.

You can apply online right now at tescobank.com/personal/finance/finance/loans/, so check them out today and get a great deal on a personal loan.

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