The best loan providers in Ireland

Looking for a great value personal loan in Ireland? Financial institutions are beginning to open their doors for business once again in Ireland after a dodgy few years, dispensing loans and providing finance. However, you'll need to prove beyond doubt you can afford the loan, and the rates won't be of great value.

So where do you turn for a loan in Ireland at an affordable rate? Well, we suggest taking a gander at your local Credit Union and seeing what they can offer you in the way of a personal loan. The full range of Credit Union products can be found at http://www.creditunion.ie.

So why go with a Credit Union loan over another financial institution? Credit Unions are massively smaller companies, so they can tailor their financial products to a much more individual level, allowing for a lot of flexibility. Perfect for these financially difficult times.

Credit Union loans carry a number of promises that you won't get from a regular bank. There are no hidden fees or transaction charges. Interest rates are fair and reasonable, and capped by law. Repayments will be calculated on the basis of you reducing your balance, so interest will shrink with every repayment.

The loan will be insured at no direct cost to you. this is in contrast to other lenders who charge for this privilege. So check out your local Credit Union today and see if they can save you any money off your personal loan, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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