Are you entitled to local grants for community care?

Did you know that there are plenty of local grants available to you if you need financial help to live on your own? They are also available for your immediate family if you choose to live with them. To get a community care grant you must be receiving income support such as jobseekers allowance or pension credit.

As long as you are receiving social welfare payments or will be in the near future and any of the following applies, you can apply for the grant:

  • You are moving out of residential care to live independantly
  • You are moving to a new home that will be more suitable following a time of unrest and are being re-housed by your local authority
  • You need help to stay in your own home
  • You need help due to exceptional family pressure such as a long term illness
  • You look after somebody ill, disabled or released from custody
  • You need help with funeral expenses or to visit hospital

There is no set amount of what you will be awarded as every case is assessed individually. Payments will be awarded into an account for you each week.

If you would like to talk to anybody about a community care grant, you could drop into your local authorities offices and somebody there will be more than willing to help you.

You can also download an application form online by visiting direct.gov.uk/en/moneytaxandbenefits. You will find plenty more information about the community care grant and plenty of other local grants at this website.

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