Ensure your independence with Lockton Mobility Scooter insurance

If you're the user of a powered wheelchair or scooter, then you'll probably want to maintain as much independence as you possibly can, which means you need to ensure you've got an adequate insurance policy for your vehicle that covers you in the case of any problems.

Lockton Mobility Scooter insurance comes in two main types, depending on whether or not the scooter is brand new, or was purchased second hand. In order to qualify for second hand insurance coverage, you'll need to show that the vehicle is no more than six years old. Insurance for second hand scooters is to be purchased annually, while those covering a brand new one can take out a policy to cover them for two, three or four years at a time.

With this policy you'll be covered for fire, theft, vandalism and accidental damage as well as electrical and mechanical breakdown costs. It is worth noting that the latter does not include perishable items like batteries, or things like light bulbs and brake linings, or any form of breakdown which is already covered by the warranty supplied to you by the vehicle's manufacturers.

You'll also be covered for any injuries caused to third parties or their property that was caused by either you or your personal assistant or carer while using the vehicle in question.

In order to qualify for coverage with Lockton, you'll need to ensure that the vehicle you are insuring has a maximum speed of less than eight miles per hour, does not have a value of more than £7,000, is kept in a suitable place and is not a Shoprider Traveso. If you meet the requirements, you can order your insurance online at www.lockton.com today, or call them at 0845 602 8000 between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

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