Average Loft Conversion Costs

If you're considering a loft conversion, the costs may outweight the potential benefit of your venture. Having a loft conversion built on the cheap won't add any sort of value to your home - a shoddy job can, in fact, reduce your home's value and leave you with a big mess to clean up. So, before you decide to go a head with a loft conversion, make sure you're committed to investing time and money into the job!

Average Costs and Variables

Loft conversion costs are dependant on the size of the conversion, type and even the area you live in. Other variables will also come into account, but the builder or company performing the job should talk with you in depth about these issues. Available lighting, ease of planning permission, the surrounding area and the age of your home are all examples of other factors that could affect the price of your loft conversion.

On average, most loft conversions cost between £12,000 to £40,000. As a loft conversion can add 15 - 20% to your overall house value, selling a house with a loft conversion at this rate will gain you a sizable profit - and give you an extra bedroom or bathroom in your home for the time begin.

However, houses in London costs about £100,000 on average to build a loft conversion. If you're planning on carrying out a loft conversion in London in order to sell on your home, you're more likely to break even on the final house value, rather than make a profit. However, you could find a great deal on your conversion to maximaze your profit.

Although most loft conversions add value to your home, you should measure your loft beforehand and ensure the venture would be worthwhile. A loft with measurements below 2.4m (or 7.8 inches) from the bottom of the joist to the top of the apex would mean, for example, that you would also have to lower your ceilings below.

Finding a Good Deal

You have the option to the visit a company that deals specifically with loft conversions, or you can also go through individual contractors to find a competitive rate. However, remember that loft conversion costs shouldn't be compromised on - to find the most competant builders to work on your project, use sites such as Ratedpeople.com or MyBuilder.com to find contractors with excellent reviews and recommendations from customers.

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