Looking at the Eastside lenders payday loan

Eastside Lenders payday loan

Eastside lenders are a US based payday loan firm. They offer loans to those looking to get short term financial help. They are not designed as a long term solution and should not be treated as such.

The loans

Eastside offer loans of up to $700 for the first loan and dependent on you paying that back on schedule the loan amounts can be raised to $1000. These amounts are subject to status. Once an application has been made online an instant decision is made in principal and the companies’ customer services team then review the application and get back in touch with a confirmed loan agreement.

The loans are repaid on the next payday and applicants can reapply for loans as soon as the original loan has been paid off. Eastside do recommend that you wait 3 business days before making a 2nd loan application.

Bad press

Searching for information on Eastside you do get directed to sites where a lot of people are complaining about the way they do business and taking money out of accounts without giving people the full terms and conditions of any loans.

If you search anywhere online though you will find that any company has websites dedicated to revealing their bad experiences, or awful customer service. The complaints seemed to be from people who had owed them money but were unable to set up affordable repayment plans, and another customer received more money than he was expecting and was unaware of the repayment process.

As with any type of money lending it is important to do your research before you sign anything and make sure that you are fully aware of the company you are dealing with, and all of the financial responsibilities before you agree to anything.

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