Looking for personal loans in Dublin?

Are you wondering which bank offers the best deals on personal loans in Dublin? Irish banks have seen off the worst of the financial crisis and are putting together some brilliant deals on personal finance right now. We've analysed what's on offer and picked our favourite deal. So let's take a look!

Of all the banks offering personal loans in Ireland, we like the product currently on offer from AIB the best. You can view their personal loan information at aib.ie/personal/loans/Personal-Loan. AIB got a bit of a rough name thanks to the financial crisis, but their doors are open for business, and their personal loan offers are simply outstanding.

The bank is offering a whole lot of flexibility on their personal finance offers right now. Customers are welcome to make unscheduled repayments, so coming in to a bit of money can see you paying off your loan a little earlier if you see fit. Payment holidays are also open to negotiation, while the APR you will face on loans is an extremely reasonable 14.58% to 11.68% for the larger loans.

AIB have also helpfully included a "Personal Loan Calculator" in their personal loan section, so you can see exactly how much the loan will cost you, as well as play around with the length of the loan.

There are absolutely no set up charges or fees for the early repayment of a loan, and terms run from one year to five. Check them out today for a brilliant deal on a personal loan in Dublin!


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