Looking to secure a zero deposit mortgage?

While your search for a zero deposit mortgage may have proved fruitless so far, in this blog we'll be aiming to put an end to this by pointing you in the direction of a company still offering these mortgages on the internet right now.

If you've been banging your head off a brick wall when it comes to trying to secure a mortgage, then you aren't alone. More and more Britons are finding it tough to scale the first rung of the property ladder thanks to the fact that most banks have tightened up the purse strings. However, we'd like to introduce you to the Home Buyers Advice Centre.

The Home Buyers Advice Centre, who you can find online at http://www.hacmortgages.co.uk, specialise in zero percent deposit mortgages. Yes, that's right, they still offer this brilliant product that most other banks have shied away from. The HAC act as a mortgage broker, rounding up lots of smaller mortgages into one package, which they then offer to you.

Even if you have a poor credit history, or a high street lender has previously turned you down, the HAC will hear your case and try to provide a bargain quote. In some cases, the lenders they use even include your Stamp Duty and legal fees with the mortgage, freeing up more cash for you to set up your dream home.

You can get a quote in one of two ways. Call them at 0800 037 8310, or else fill in their quote application form on their website at http://www.hacmortgages.co.uk. Best of luck on your mortgage hunt!

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