How to get low car insurance

The only way to get low car insurance is by shopping and comparing. If you take the first few quotes that come your way, you are bound to pay higher. The difference can be in the three digits. The rates do vary. To get around doing this research, work with an independent car insurance agent.

Get low car insurance in 3 ways:

  1. Compare quotes from at least tens of providers
  2. Look out for discounts
  3. Get a customised plan from an independent agent

How to compare quotes

Comparing quotes starts with entering your details into an online form at an insurance broker site and getting over a hundred quotes in return. Make a table with a spreadsheet programme so that you can see the comparison clearly. Use a valid email address in case you are contacted that way. Get an email address that is specific to this purpose.

The top 10 discounts

Safe drivers are encouraged with better quotes while the opposite happens to the risky ones. If you want to be perceived as the former, take steps 1 to 4. Note steps 5 to 10 for the other discounts.

  1. Install theft devices
  2. Take a defensive driving course
  3. Get good grades (if you are studying)
  4. Have a good credit rating
  5. Get insured for more than one car
  6. Get insured for your car and house from the same provider
  7. Check your daily work mileage
  8. Buy a yearly policy (instead of a period shorter than that)
  9. Have your payments automatically deducted
  10. Get the specific coverage necessary

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