Fantastic low cost loans in Ireland

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Are you looking for low cost loans in Ireland? There are options available to you, even with the liquidity problem of the banks in Ireland at the moment. While the banks in Ireland have received a huge injection of capital from the Irish government, this has not translated into lending to their customers.

This is due to the fact that they are billions in debt and are struggling to plug the hole in their finances. While they are lending to some people, the days of the Celtic Tiger are gone and it has become much more difficult to source credit from the main banking institutions in the state.

The best and cheapest option available to you when trying to source a loan, would be your local Credit Union. Credit Union loans are fantastic due to the fact that they are smaller in stature, which allows them to tailor excellent loan deals that are personalised just for you. All Credit Union loans have no hidden fees or transaction charges, the interest rates are reasonable and perhaps best of all, repayments are worked out on you reducing your balance, so each payment will bring reduced interest.

To obtain a loan from a Credit Union, you need to sign up and be a member. It is a good idea to save on a weekly basis, even if it is only a small sum, as when you apply for the loan, they will look favourably on this.

So check out your local Credit Union today, for great value loans at extremely good rates.


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