How to find low cost public liability insurance

If you work in a job that could potentially cause accidents to the general public, or other employees, then it's very important you have yourself covered for every eventuality with public liability insurance. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, this is insurance that covers you for any injuries or accidental damage that happens during the course of your day to day work.

For example, a plumber working in a home might accidentally ever a pipe connection resulting in some water damage. Without public liability insurance, the plumber in question might be liable to pay for the damages caused, but if he has public liability insurance, he should find that he is covered.

Similarly, a builder who carelessly leaves a heavy tool lying around causing a member of the public to trip on it and injure their leg could potentially be looking at covering that person's medical expenses if he doesn't have public liability insurance.

We're sure you can see now why this is so important.

In the UK right now, public liability insurance is not a compulsory coverage for workers to carry, however employers are required by law to have employers liability insurance, which would at least cover them from any indiscretions you may cause on the job - but that's no good to you!

There are many companies out there offering low cost public liability insurance, but the trick is finding them. Depending on the type of work you're in the premiums can fluctuate so, as with any other type of insurance, it's very important that you shop around.

You can find out more about public liability insurance, as well as getting a quote, at www.axa.co.uk, our recommended company for this form of cover.

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