Our guide to finding low excess Travel Insurance

If you're heading away on holidays and you want to take out a Travel Insurance policy that delivers a low excess in the event of a claim, then we believe we've found the perfect provider for you, after all, they specialise in low excess Travel Insurance.

A lot of low cost insurance premiums often deliver their sting in the tail when you try to claim and you find out about the huge excess they often ask for on a claim. There are few things worse than the unexpected cost this entails. Finding a cheap policy with a low excess is the holy grail for consumers, but Travel Insurance Web are offering a brilliant deal right now on their travel insurance packages at travelinsuranceweb.com. Lets take a look!

Travel Insurance Web are a growing Travel Insurance provider based in the UK. Their cover comes in three flavours, all of which are fully comprehensive, offering you a brilliant level of cover at a low price. Their three insurance packages are Basic Single Trip, Superior Single Trip, and Annual Multi Trip.

If you have to make a claim on their "Basic Single Trip" package, you'll only have to pay an excess of £75. If you claim on the "Superior Single Trip" package, you'll only have to pay an excess of £60. Finally, if you claim on their "Annual Multi Trip" package, you'll only have to pay a £60 excess.

To get a quote off them for your travel insurance, simply check out their website and fill in their short insurance application form. They are the best provider for low excess insurance on the internet!

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