Low insurance group cars for young drivers make a lot of sense

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If you're a young driver struggling to get a car insurance quote you can afford, a good idea is to get a quote on safe and standard cars. Insurance companies use a classification system that places cars in groups according to how likely they're to be involved in a claim. Low insurance group cars for young drivers make a lot of sense when it comes to getting on the road for the first time.

Insurance companies use many factors to determine what group a car is placed in. Knowing what they are can help you avoid large premiums. Damage and parts costs is a big influence. The higher the likely cost of repairing your car and replacing the parts pushes your car into the higher group and the higher car insurance premiums.

It's highly recommended that you avoid cars that are expensive to repair if you're a young driver looking for a low quote.

The performance of the car is another important factor that influences what group it's placed in. Car with large, powerful engines and acceleration are much more likely to be involved in accidents than smaller family cars, and as a result, will be placed in the higher groups.

Security features are also important when it comes to placing a car in an insurance groups. Features such as high security door locks, alarm/immobilisation systems, glass etching, coded audio equipment, locking devices for alloy wheels and visible VIN numbers dramatically reduce the risk of theft and can help place your car in the low insurance groups.

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