We try to track down companies offering the lowest mortgage deposit

If you're looking to ascend the first rung of the property ladder then trying to find the company offering the lowest mortgage deposit possible is probably one of your aims. Unlike the heady days in the middle of the last decade, these mortgages just aren't as common as they once were. However, you do have a few options if you're willing to look at the 85% mortgage range.

Once upon a time it was possible to get 100% mortgages. Unfortunately, thanks to more and more people defaulting on these giant mortgages, banks just aren't willing to offer them any more. 85% mortgages are about the best you'll be able to get nowadays, so lets take a look at what's out there right now.

A quick look at Money Supermarket's mortgage page at moneysupermarket.com/mortgages, reveals that there are still quite a few companies offering 85% mortgages - there's even one willing to stick their neck out a little more and offer you a 90% mortgage. Share to Buy are the company offering this mortgage. So how does it stack up?

Well, the APR on this mortgage is 4.29%, with no fees involved to set it up. The minimum loan amount offered is £75,000, with the maximum depending on your income. This mortgage is only available for joint applications by graduates, so it isn't suitable for everybody.

An alternative to this is the mortgage currently being offered by The Post Office. This is an 85% mortgage, with APR of 4.2%. The arrangement fee for this mortgage is £995, and there is an early repayment charge applicable.

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