Loyalty doesn't pay

You should have learned by now – blind loyalty to a faceless company does not pay. Make no bones, they'd sell your details to a third party company without batting an eyelid, so it makes really very little sense to stick with a mobile phone provider through thick and thin just because you've always been with them – it amounts to little more than indolence!

A new survey has found that almost 20 million of us have never switch phone provider, and with new tariffs and competitive price plans launched almost everyday, it stands to reason that we're all just missing out on the savings.

Tom McLennan from Which? Mobile said: 'If you have been with the same mobile provider for years, the chances are you could find a better deal elsewhere. With so many tariffs out there it pays to shop around, either through a comparison site or by checking out what different networks have to offer'.

Nine out of ten consumers have found the process of switching actually quite easy, though the many don't do so precisely because they anticipate a lengthy and laborious switching procedure, and so opt for convenience's sake to stick with what they have.

And further research has found that eight out of ten of us are on price plans that do not suit our needs. According to Billmonitor.com only 30 percent of us use our full minutes and texts, and as a result are paying up to £200 a year more than what we should. Stupid, plain stoopid.

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