LV comprehensive car insurance

LV's car insurance department has a lot going for it. The FSA-regulated Defaqto rated its coverage as worthy of five stars, the latest statiscs (mid-2011) show that 65% of customers would manage to save some money with LV as opposed to other companies, and a big majority of new customers manage to get policy deals for under £335.

So what benefits does the LV comprehensive car insurance policy actually offer?

As well as the usual financial cover to repair or replace car parts following damage from a fire, an accident, a theft or some other form of malicious damage, LV also gives you up to £500 protection for your audio equipment, telephone and satellite navigation system. This is an advantage over many competing insurance policies, which often only cover audio equipment.

LV also insures up to £20,000,000 worth of damage to a third party's property, and promises unlimited third party injury liability. Interestingly, it also insures up to £200 worth of personal property inside your car (not including money or documents) - another step up from competing plans, many of which only offer £100.

There is coverage up to £10,000 if you or your partner suffer an injury resulting in death, the loss of a limb or blindness. This can be pushed up to £100,000 for just £14.90 per year, in one of several common optional extras.

These extras include breakdown recovery programs, coverage for legal expenses, a courtesy car, and the extension of your policy into the European Union outside of Great Britain.

These features are sometimes included within the standard plans of other companies, and their absence from the LV comprehensive car insurance policy (and other comparable value schemes) is one of the reasons they can claim to save so much money.

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