Need to ensure your little friends? Try LV pet insurance

When our furry little friends get ill you would spend as much as you have to in order to know that they are safe. As you are probably aware, vets will charge you a small fortune if anything is to go wrong. That is why you need to get cover from LV pet insurance.

They provide excellent cover for both cats and dogs. Prices are very competitive as well with cover starting at just £6 per month for cats or £11 per month for dogs. What's more is that you are entitled to a 10% discount if you purchase your first policy online with them. But hurry, that offer won't be around forever!

They have 2 levels of cover on offer - Essential and Premier. Both policies include the following benefits:

  • Up to £2 million third party liability (Dogs only)
  • Up to £750 on the death of your pet
  • Up to £750 advertising and reward fees
  • Up to £750 if your pet is stolen or strays
  • Up to £750 boarding fees if you need to go to hospital
  • Up to £1,000 holiday cancellation
  • Up to £750 accidental damage

Overseas travel is also catered for and you are entitled to quarantine costs, loss of pets passport, repeat tick and worming treatment and emergency expenses that might pop up.

There are several helplines available to pet owners including a vet search helpline, bereavement or illness counselling and a legal helpline.

So to get your quote today, log onto LV.com to claim your 10% discount or give them a call for free on 0800 022 3906.


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