Make cash while sitting at your computer!

OK, so before you start reading don’t fear – we’re not going to suggest you gamble away your life savings. But there are some simple, legitimate ways of earning money on the internet that nearly anyone can take advantage of.

You could start a blog. Although lots of people do this and not all enjoy regular followers, if you’re good at writing and enjoy it and your blog does become popular then you could place adverts on the site to earn some extra pennies. Or you could start doing the internet equivalent of product placing - getting paid every time a reader follows a link from your blog on to an affiliated website, and buys something from that site.

Other ideas for making money include making websites.Although there are many people who offer this service, a lot of the professionals are very expensive. So, if you’ve got some basic skills you could undercut them by giving a basic package.

You could also use a cashback website like QuidCo or TopCashback which allows you to make money when you shop via them.

Finally, why not get involved with online surveys? Market research and opinion firms like YouGov, PanelBase and Toluna pay between 50p and £1 for a completed survey. Your sum then builds up in an online stash, and you can claim it when it reaches a certain amount.

Go on! You could soon be quids in!

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