making a will template is easier than you'd think

It is often said there are but two certainties in life - taxes and death. Considering we all know we will die someday, then it goes without saying that we should all draw up wills so that when it happens, our families are protected. After all, it doesn't cost a fortune to have one prepared!

It's pretty widely recommended that you get a lawyer to draft you up a will, especially if your will is a complex one. Your average lawyer will charge around 200 pounds for the privilege, but makes sure the document is watertight and legally valid. If you're over 70, log onto www.citizensadvice.org.uk and you could even qualify for free legal aid.

However, it's also possible to avoid this fee and make a will template yourself. Most big stationers will carry a simple template for a will which you just fill in yourself. You will need two independent witnesses to sign at the same time, and they cannot be a beneficiary of the will, or be married to someone mentioned in the will.

If you go down this route, you'll also need to specify your choice of executor, who is the person who will divide up your estate and possessions when you die. If you forget to do this, the state will appoint a solicitor to do it, for a fee, which will be charged to your family.

To save you even buying a template, here is a simple free online template for you to download - http://freeguard.co.uk/printables.aspx.

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