Making money from the most valuable materials on earth

Over time the market changes and the most valuable materials on earth become less so. Perhaps the means of mining them cheapens. Maybe the risk of criminal intervention in the market subsides so prices fall or perhaps the market floods with the material and it becomes cheaper. We’ll tell you which materials are the most valuable now but you’ll need to judge the market before you invest.


Gold is pretty low down on the list right now. In fact it’s probably the 15th most valuable material in the world. We’ve started with it as it’s the obvious choice for an investor but it’s not a material we’d recommend investing in if you’d like to make big returns.


Painite is one of the rarest materials in the world. It was first discovered in the 1950s in Burma. Since then it hasn’t surfaced in many other places making it extremely rare and therefore valuable. Recent reports suggest that a new surge of the material will hit the market after Painite was found in the Mogok area of Myanmar.

Taaffeite stone

This is another really rare gemstone that collectors go for. The colours of this material range from purple to red (less than 10 red stones are known to exist). So far the amount of the material found in the world wouldn’t fill a mug.


This material forms when nitrogen atoms and hit with cosmic radiation. Anyway, the scientific stuff’s not that important to traders, what’s of greater interest is how the material is being used to produce the glow in self-lit exit signs and to illuminate the hands on a wristwatch. Those commercial uses mean that this material’s rarity will fluctuate as firms find yet more uses for the product.


This one’s pretty obvious but it has to be included. You get beauty, value and all the connotations that come to mind when you think of diamonds. Although they’re not the rarest of gemstones, they are the most expensive. You can’t do badly by investing your hard earned cash in these sparkling gemstones.

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