Making your car as cheap to insure as possible

If you are looking to make yourself "Insurer Friendly" by making your car the cheapest car to insure, then you've come to the right place, as we've rounded up some brilliant tips to help you bring down the cost of your dreaded Car Insurance premium. Let's take a look.

Drastically bringing down your insurance premium is the key aim of any young driver sick of getting appalling quotes, and in most cases, all you have to do is follow these tips and you'll be saving money before long. First of all we suggest fitting a tracker and/or an immobiliser. Both of these devices make your car a lot less likely to be stolen, and in the case of the tracker, it will enable the car to be found really quickly if it is stolen.

Our next tip is to take one of the many "Pass Plus" tests you'll find around the place. These tests are more difficult than the average Driving Test, and show car companies you mean business about becoming a young driver. Not everyone will be able to pass, so if you can, you'll see a big saving in your car insurance premium.

Our final tip is a rather simple one, but it will definitely make a big difference. Why not make your first car one with a small engine? Cars like the Ford Fiesta and Fiat Punto are perfect "first cars" despite their small engines, so picking up an older model of either one will save you a bundle on cover!

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