Managing your cash flow

Managing your cash flow can be the difference between a successful business and a failing one. In this harsh economic climate people starting up businesses from scratch need to be extra careful with how they spend their money.

While more and more people are pushing to work for themselves, very few actually manage to get their business off the ground. This generally comes down to money mismanagement. Why people still dive into business with no research is beyond us. There are so many great websites with top tips and excellent advice to help you avoid the many pitfalls that come with starting a business and properly managing a cash flow.

One such website is the creditmanagement.org.uk website. CMM are there to give lots of great advice to people that need to know a little more about cash flow management. In fact they have put together an excellent series of free online books called 'Managing Cash Flow Guides'.

They are free to read and go from 'Knowing your Customer' through to 'Factoring and Financing'. These are perfect guides for anyone that is starting a business or has made some mistakes and could do with a few great tips. They even have videos from Lord Alan Sugar that are free to watch again offering advice that you will not find anywhere else.

Another great article that we found very helpful is available on the entrepreneur.com website. The 'How to better manage your Cash Flow' offers a brilliant insight into the best strategies that you can implement to ensure success.

With so much free help online it's a wonder how anyone fails at successfully managing their cash flow.


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