Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance: "Insurance as Individual as You Are"

Marks and Spencer travel insurance is aimed at the traveller who likes flexibility and wants the convenience of choosing a policy that can be completely tailored to meet your needs. Using a simple online process, make the selections you want -- and don't pay for anything you don't need -- to fit your policy to your family's lifestyle.


Choose from a single trip, limited duration insurance, or opt for annual coverage to insure you for all your trips during the coverage period.

Select coverage up to £10,000,000 for medical emergencies, and receive up to £6,000 for a cancellation or curtailment of your package holiday. If you've booked each part of your holiday separately -- for example, hotel, flights and a tour bus -- use the flexible "travel disruption" coverage to protect every stage of the trip.


Get a quote online at Marks and Spencer's website -- even if you have a complicated medical situation. Just fill out the medical questionnaire online and additional cover can be arranged at a later date. If you have questions or prefer to talk to a live person, call 0800 068 3918 directly for free personal service from an insurance representative.

Optional Extras

Baggage protection will help if your bags are lost -- or if something happens to the contents -- during your stay. If your essentials are lost or stolen along with your bags, easily replace your money, passports and travellers cheques. Personal accident insurance is available up to £25,000 (with some exceptions depending on age), and if you're planning on partaking in extreme, hazardous or winter sports, add cover such as piste closure or equipment protection.

Offers and Discounts

New customers can save 15 percent just by purchasing Marks and Spencer travel insurance online.

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