It's easy to find cheap car insurance with Martin Lewis

One of the biggest expenses for car owners is paying out for the insurance. It's illegal to drive a car on the roads in the UK without insurance and for this reason you just can't get away without paying it. With a little help you can, however, shave a considerable amount off your bill.

If you're looking around for a great deal on car insurance, you might want check out Martin Lewis. He's an expert in financial matters and has loads of solid advice for cutting your costs when it comes to car insurance. Martin Lewis' car insurance advice can be found at the excellent website Moneysavingexpert.com.

You'll find Martin Lewis' 4 steps for finding cheap car insurance at this website invaluable. The most important thing to do is lower your risk category. This way you can end up paying less for a comprehensive insurance package than you would have for third party cover. One way of doing this is by tweaking your job description. You'd be amazed by the savings this can help you make.

Once you've done this, the next step is to use multiple insurance price comparison websites. By doing this you maximise your chances of finding the lowest quote on offer. Then you have to haggle over the price and try to find any hidden cashbacks in the deal. Finally bookmark next year's renewal. It really is that easy!

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