Consult Martin Lewis for mortgages tips and tricks!

Have not heard of Martin Lewis? Well, now you have! Hailing from Manchester, Lewis is a financial journalist, most famous for his money-saving tips, presented on his popular website MoneySavingExpert. And this is precisely where you will find valuable and credible information on mortgages.

Martin Lewis features mortgages as one of his main specialities. Just by clicking on the link that says Mortgages Homes you are hit with a mountain of articles to help you choose the best home loan for you! Within the section you can find popular guides, a mortgage calculator, forums and much more!

For example, Lewis provides top-class advice on how to find the right mortgage for you. Using a mortgage broker is one of the main suggestions as it is their job to find you the best mortgage deal. Before selecting a broker, however, and he advises that you ask them a few key questions such as if they are whole of market and if they charge a fee. He also recommends consulting his Cheap Mortgage Guides, available via his website in PDF or print format.

Another tips that Lewis presents is an entire article dedicated to how to find out the true value of your property. He features a whopping 27 tools to review your home, which includes free house price valuers, sites to assess the risk of crime and flood, the price of your neighbour’s place and more.

Mortgage exit fees is another subject, in which he tells you how you can get your  money back on fees you may have been subject to when closing a mortgage account.

So, before you race ahead and take out a mortgage, log in to Martin Lewis’ website, MoneySavingExperts and get the best deal on your mortgage!

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