Available Mature Student Grants When Returning to Study

Mature students are those over 22 who are studying after spending time out of full time education. The good news is that the same student financial help is available for mature students as there is for other undergraduates. However, student loans work out to be expensive since you have to pay the money back eventually, which is difficult for students with families.

There are some mature student grants available depending on the place you study. Grants don’t need to be paid back afterwards but are not available for everyone. This will all depend on your current financial situation as well as your family.

There are maintenance grants for those students who are eligible. This is income based and designed for those who are going to be in low income families during their studies. This is reassessed each year and can be gained through the local education authority. This is separate from the maintenance loan, which you may also be eligible for.

Each university offers mature student grants but the amount varies between institution. There are some that will offer as much as £1000 per year of study and others that will only offer up to £500. You need to apply for these though your university.

For those students who qualify for housing benefit or income support, there is also a Special Support Grant available. There are only a handful of people that are eligible for this; those with a disability, single parents and those with partners who are students. This is fee assessed and needs to be applied for through the local education authority.

For those mature students who decided that a part time course is a better option, there is still help. There is a fee grant, which will help to cover the cost of the course and a course grant that will help to cover the cost of books and supplies required for study. This is also income assessed and will need to be applied for through the local education authority.

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