MBNA credit card review: how to choose the right card for you

There never seems to be an end to the offers available for credit card balance transfers. The latest MBNA credit card to review offers 29 months interest free on balance transfers. The idea of balance transfers being 0% is to allow card holders a window in which to repay without accruing additional costs so 29 months should be fine for most balances.

MBNA credit cards

The top MBNA Credit Card to review is the MBNA Platinum Credit Card. This is the one that offers 29 months interest free on balance transfers. There's a 4% handling fee to consider and your balance needs to be transferred within 60 days of opening the account, but neither should be a problem for most card holders. The Platinum offers 0% on purchases for the first three months and 18.9% representative APR.

MBNA Everyday credit card

This is an alternative to the Platinum that has to be considered if the balance you need to transfer isn't too great and you're more interested in making purchases with the card. At 13.9%, the typical APR is lower than the Platinum and there's 0% on purchases for 8 months rather than 3. You'll only get 18 months interest free on your balance transfer but the 4% handling fee still applies with this card.

MBNA Rate For Life credit card

If you're considering a balance transfer and you're not sure how long the balance will take to pay off, this card could be the one for you. You'll get a fixed 6.9% interest rate on the balance and 16.9% APR. Unfortunately there are no incentives on purchases, but this is a card that could fulfil a purpose.

Final word

The best MBNA credit card to read a review on is the one that's suited to your needs. To find that you can put your information into a comparison website and see what it comes up with. MBNA offer a choice of Amex and Visa card, and they offer various rewards with their cards so they try and cater for most people.

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