Wondering about MBNA Personal Loans in Ireland?

If you're considering a Personal Loan, then have you completely thought it through? You don't have to go running to the bank for a personal loan, after all, a Credit Card could suffice.

A new Credit Card can bring with it a tidy limit, which you can withdraw, and in effect, use as a personal loan. One of these we'd recommend is the MBNA Credit Card, as it is both flexible and offers brilliant interest rates to users, something which is hugely important if you intend to use it in place of a loan.

MBNA offer a massive range of twelve different Credit Cards, including the official Ryanair Credit Card, and Liverpool FC and Munster Rugby efforts. Just about all of their cards offer 0% balance transfers for the first 12 months, aswell as APR's (Annual Percentage Rates) starting from 14.9%.

All of their cards offer the following perks: Balance Transfers, Money Transfers, Online Card Services, Paperless Statements, Travel Convenience, Additional Cardholders, Cash Withdrawals, and Regular Payments. MBNA's Credit Card range is hugely convenient, and is perfect for anyone who plans to use a Credit Card heavily.

MBNA also offer some of the best card security services on the market. Their system monitors your card 24/7 for signs of unusual use, and will contact you to verify purchases if foul play is suspected. They'll also keep your browsing safe with a complimentary 12-month subscription to McAfee online banking suite, so you can keep your peace of mind as you bank online!

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