McDonald's franchise cost uk

Getting a McDonald's franchise is only a good idea if you're in it for the longhaul. This is a long term commitment that needs significant financial investment and lots of time and hard work. You'll need a hands on approach and a customer-service orientated mindset. If that's you, read on and we'll tell you the McDonald's franchise cost for the UK.
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Why choose McDonald's?

The main advantage with McDonald's is the internationally recognised brand which automatically draw customers but there are lots of other reasons to join this fast food chain. There's a first class training programme in operation with McDonald's that's a proven method of creating success in the industry. You'll also get on-going support and plenty of advice on tap while you work your franchise.


The contract is for 20 years. If that's too much of a commitment, you should stop reading because that's only the tip of the iceberg with McDonald's. You'll need at least £125.000 but you could be asked to pay up to £325,000 for a McDonald's franchise. However much it costs you'll need to have 25% upfront in unencumbered funds while the remaining 75% can be financed through a bank loan. There's a franchise fee of £30,000 franchise fee and a one off £5,000 deposit is needed as a training deposit which is refunded when the training's through.


In addition to the franchise costs there's a monthly rental charge for the premise which is based on the company's sales and profitability but it normally ranges from 10% to 18%. There's a service fee that amounts to 5% of your sales which has to be paid to the chain for use of McDonald's system and you have a 4.5% marketing fee to cover which contributes to the firm's overall national marketing campaign.

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