What Are Medical Grants

The government as well as nonprofit organisations offers a wide range of medical grants for use across the country. The government alone spends over £4 million a year in medical grants in an attempt to help people who need it the most.

People receiving certain types of benefits are entitled to claim their prescriptions free of charge, as are people of pension age and older. Unfortunately, people who do not claim such benefits are left to pay for their medicines. Recognizing that people were going without important medicines, the government introduced the Prescription Certificate. Although people still have to pay for the prescription certificate, if they are taking a lot of medication the certificate is cheaper to buy.  The government then gives various pharmaceutical companies the shortfall of the cost by way of medical grants.

People with aggressive illnesses or who require frequent trips to hospital or daycare centres can do so by way of subsidised hospital transport. The government provides medical grants for hospital transport to collect the person from their home and drive them to the hospital. This is a shared arrangement and is usually a bus that is able to carry several people. Nonprofit organisations also offer certain medical grants to private transport companies to deliver the same service.

Some people who have had to attend a hospital or doctor’s appointment by taxi may be eligible to claim this money back. Again, it is various grants that pay for this service and if the person keeps their receipts, they are able to claim their money back at the hospital. This grant is usually reserved for people who have had to travel outside of their area to attend an important appointment. Grants can also be claimed for accommodation while attending an appointment if the person fits the desired criteria.

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