Who are M&G Investments?

M&G Investments are a long-standing investment company, with over 80-years of experience, they are one of the most reputable companies around. M&G currently have an estimated £200 billion in investments belonging to around 375,000 investors. Their specialist investment fund managers are highly-trained, with many years experience in a variety of investments.

When a person invests their money with M&G Investments they are automatically assigned a fund manager. They are there to look after your investment, to advise you on what is best for your money as well as help you achieve the highest returns possible. With a choice of holding an active or a passive fund, M&G offer plenty of opportunities for both the novice and professional investor.

A passive fund is considered a "safe" option but is not the best opportunity for a high-yield investment. The passive fund consists of conservative investments in the highest-performing stock options, as decided by the fund manager. M&G Investments actively promote their active funds as the best investment and it certainly has the chance to bring a high return for the investor. Active funds give much more control over to the fund manager, who makes investments going off trends, research and their many years of experience with the stock market.

M&G Investments also offer a cash ISA, which allows a person to hold a variety of different assets including equities, cash and bonds. The best part of the cash ISA is that any tax accrued on the account is tax-free, meaning all the interest your money makes is yours to add to your savings. You can choose to have your interest paid annually or monthly or you can let it roll over to the end of the ISA term and have it all together with your lump sum payment.

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