What Minority Grants Are Available in the UK?

Minority grants are offered to individuals belonging to minority groups in the UK as a way of providing them with the kind of additional assistance they need to improve their quality of living.

Dartford.gov.uk: Black and Ethnic Minority Group Funding

Grants offered by the Dartford Borough Council can amount to as much as £10,000. Individuals, however, are not eligible to apply. Instead, the group welcomes non-profit organisations, schools, councils and health bodies to apply for such grants if they need financial support for their local or small-scale projects.


This London-based organisation provides grants with amounts ranging from £5,000 to £90,000, and which are offered to parties who are able to reduce discrimination successfully or at least improve the quality of living for the black community and other minority groups in the UK.

WatesFoundation.org.uk: Ethnic and Immigrant Communities

The Wates Foundation currently offers grants that have a maximum amount of £25,000 and which can be offered for annually for three consecutive years at the most to eligible parties. Applicants selected are those whose proposals help ethnic and immigrant communities enjoy equal access and status to essential activities in local communities.

The foundation also has a small grants scheme available, with grants amounting to £5,000 in average or a maximum of £10,000.

HildenCharitableFund.org.uk: Hilden Charitable Trust

This trust fund provides grants that rarely amount to more than £5,000 and with eligible parties mainly coming from minorities and those suffering from race-related problems.

Minority grants basically vary in terms of purpose. Many grants serve to help individuals achieve their academic goals, while other grants are offered to help individuals start their own businesses. There are, however, grants that are offered only to those who are financially disadvantaged.

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