Check rates for mobile insurance on comparison sites

In modern business more and more people run their lives from their smart phones, their iPhone or Blackberry. Replacing a lost phone would cost time and money, so many of us are looking into the idea of mobile insurance. Comparison sites will offer some idea of the costs and policies available.

Before you break out the credit card, it's worth checking that you actually need specific insurance. It can be possible to add a clause to existing home contents insurance policies to cover valuables taken outside the home against loss, theft or accidental damage. This might work out cheaper than mobile insurance and will cover your laptop, iPod, camera in addition to your mobile.

Your mobile service provider might also have an insurance policy. These are usually around £75 a year, but that could be an economical option if you have an expensive handset.

Comparison sites like comparethemarket.com and moneysupermarket.com, will give you a quick guide to the policies available and the premiums. Check the fine print carefully, as this kind of insurance can be complex.

For cheap handsets, TalkCover (talkcover.co.uk), a company dealing specifically with mobile insurance, provides reasonable policies covering most kinds of loss, accidental damage or theft. Their policies start at just £1.87 a month, with discounts if you want to insure more than one handset.

CUSC Foneguard (cusc.co.uk) has a respected reputation, and will cover you against the cost of £250 worth of fraudulent calls if your phone is stolen. Premiums start at £4.17 a month, with the option to add more comprehensive levels of cover.

As more customers become aware of the need for mobile insurance, comparison sites will keep you updated with the best deals and policies coming on the market.

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