Keep yourself protected with Mobilty Scooter Insurance

The loss of mobility is a massive inconvenience for you, but it could potentially be even worse were anything to happen to you while on the Scooter. This is why Mobility Scooter Insurance is fast becoming one of the UK's biggest insurance products. Let's take a look at the market.

While it's not absolutely legal to have mobility scooter insurance, it is currently being debated in the house of commons, and will likely become law at some point in the near future. In fact, mobility scooter charity Mobilise, are strongly advising all owners to take out a policy as soon as they can, in advance of any change in the law.

Accidents involving mobility scooters have been rising sharply as the UK population ages, and scooters become more widespread. Mobility scooter insurance cover is an affordable and effective way to sidestep any problems that could be raised by this increased volume of traffic.

Mobility Scooter policies are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of Insurance. In fact, we have found a policy online from - http://www.mobility-hypermarket.com/insurance/ that costs just £63.50 for a year's cover. Here's what you get for your money.

Up to £2 million Public Liability Insurance, Accidental Damage Cover, Theft Cover, Any Driver is insured on the Mobility Scooter, not just you, Fire, Storm and Flood Damage Cover.

So, if you use a mobility scooter, there's no reason why you shouldn't take out an insurance policy today. It will keep you, and those around you safe!

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