Looking for money lenders in Cork?

There are many money lenders in Cork who offer hassle free loans to cash-strapped individuals. If you're struggling with the bills, planning a last minute holiday or need money for anything else then they could be the answer you've been looking for.

Provident offer small, unsecured loans to people in Cork. The process of applying for a loan from Provident is really simple and you can do it all online. Provident rarely reject anyone's loan application and it doesn't matter if you've a poor credit history, you're still welcome to apply for a loan with Provident.

The loans Provident offer are for amounts up to €500. Repayments to Provident are made through home collections and there's no hidden charges to worry about. And you can use the money for anything you want; there's no restrictions on how you spend the money from Provident.

The one thing to be careful about with Provident is they charge a higher rate of interest than most financial institutions because the loans are unsecured. But, at least your assets aren't at risk if you default on the loan.

Another option open to you is to look for money lenders in Cork on the Gumtree website. There are many money lenders here offering quick and easy loans and, if you look around, it's not hard to find a good deal.

Like Provident, most of the loans are unsecured so don't be too surprised if you're charged a slightly higher rate of interest than the banks would normally charge for a loan.


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